Burn ban reinstated for Nolan County

Six county employees were recognized for their service during the Nolan County Commissioners' meeting held at the Nolan County Courthouse on Monday morning, July 9, 2012.Those in attendance to receive their service awards were Jan Bartlett for her 20 years as the Justice of the Peace Chief Deputy, David McDonald for his 15 years of service as Sheriff Chief Deputy, and Robert McReynolds for his 10 years as the Coliseum Manager.Other recognitions were given to Gary Chance (20 years, Precinct #2 Foreman), Becky Brock (10 years, County-City Librarian), and Phillip Gill (10 years, District Attorney Investigator).In addition, a presentation was made by Benny Cornett for IT support for the county. A proposal was handed out to the commissioners, which discussed an annual contract for tech support and computers for the county.The contract only included labor; parts and equipment would require additional costs. Also discussed were the benefits and requirements within the contract, along with payment options.Cornett noted that his company, located in Sweetwater, guarantees a three hour response time. He currently has around seven employees that are able to meet the needs of their clients. At the present time, the business has around 100 clients and is working toward expanding their clientele, among other customers, through school districts and courthouses around the area. They also boast their Dell resaler status within a 100-mile radius.No action, however, was taken following the presentation. Additionally, the commissioners took no action toward the budget workshop for the 2012-2013 budget year. Only a few action items were presented during the meeting. The commissioners approved for District Clerk Patti Neill to use her Records Management Funds to purchase a new server, two new computers and two scanners for her office. The purchases are necessary as the current server model is obsolete and is on the verge of breaking down.Approval was also given to leave the burn ban in place for Nolan County. The minutes from the June 25 and June 26 meetings were approved, as well as the single report received from the Nolan County Clerk's office.