Burn ban to remain lifted

The burn ban was approved to remain lifted in Nolan County during the county commissioners' meeting on Monday morning, September 24 at the Nolan County Courthouse. Just last week--at their meeting on September 17, the decision was made to lift the burn ban. The continued lifting of the ban will remain in effect for the next two weeks, or until the next appointed meeting date.A public hearing was also held during the meeting regarding the County Clerk's record management and archives plan for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Nolan County Clerk Pat McGowan gave a brief review of the plan, which requires yearly attention and is used to digitize records through the use of a Dallas-based company. With no input heard from the audience, approval was given for the 2012-2013 record management and archives plan for the County Clerk. Approval was also given to authorize the County Auditor to pay claims through September 30, 2012--the end of the fiscal year, provided that funds are left in the line items. The minutes from the September 10 and 17 meetings were reviewed and approved as well.Furthermore, the 2012-2013 budget for the Nolan County Auditor's office and the District Court Reporter from District Judge Glen Harrison was received. Also received were reports from various department heads, such as the Nolan County Sheriff's office, the Welfare office and the Government Trapper.