Burn ban remains in effect

Various action items regarding the Nolan County Sheriff's Office were presented and approved at the county commissioners' meeting held on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at the Nolan County Courthouse.Among the items approved was a program which will allow Nolan County Sheriff David Warren to provide firearms proficiency certificates to qualified honorably-retired peace officers who last worked with Nolan County. Outline in Section 1701.357 of the Texas Occupation Code, Sheriff Warren noted the summarized specifications in an excerpt of the code which was presented to the commissioners. The county is required to approve the program, which will also lead to the county being held liable due to state legislation.Currently, two people meet the requirements and are interested in the program. Once an individual qualifies, an identification card would then be given.Also, approval was given toward the purchase of a separate sonic wall (security fire wall) for the Sheriff's Department. Following some internet changes within the sheriff's department and later in the entire courthouse, the hook-up bypassed the security equipment for the sheriff's department, leaving their internet access in a vulnerable state.While an immediate solution was to connect the sheriff's office with the rest of the courthouse, the purchase of a separate firewall is a less costly option. Sheriff Warren noted that the main objective in this purpose is to protect the internet access within the department.Furthermore, the commissioners approved for the declaration of a small list of firearms from the Sheriff's inventory as "surplus county property", which will then be disposed of by trading in on new property of the same general type. The action will be done in accordance with Section 263.152 of the local government code.Approval was also given for a bond for two reserve deputy sheriffs at the amount of $2,000. No action was taken on a bond for the sheriff and employees of the Sheriff's Department, as the item was approved at the previous county meeting.In addition, approval was given for the burn ban in Nolan County to remain in effect until the next appointed meeting. The minutes from the December 10 meeting were approved, and reports were received from the Nolan County Sheriff's Office, along with the Tax and Welfare offices.