Burn ban remains in effect

The Nolan County Commissioners' Court met for their regular meeting on Monday morning, Feb. 28, at the Nolan County Courthouse.In light of the emergence of wildfires this past weekend, the burn ban for Nolan County is still in effect. However, an exemption was made for the controlled burn to take place near the Nolan County Coliseum as the weather permits.Several action items were approved during the meeting, including a resolution in support of funding for the Juvenile Criminal Justice Division. In November 2008, the county was contacted by Texas A&M in regards to a study with contacts of minorities. Nolan County was only one of 10 counties involved in the study as there were some concerns on the high numbers reported.As a result of the findings, Nolan County is now eligible for a $100,000 grant in an effort to decrease the number of juvenile contacts made in the county. The grant would help to reinstate various programs which were lost in 2007 due to budget cuts.Some of the programs would deal with behavioral skills and offer classes for parents and substance abuse education. The classes would help to hold the juveniles accountable for their actions, whereas they are only accountable for their community service at this time.The one year grant would go into effect starting on Sept. 1, 2011 and could eventually span into a two-year timeframe. Out of the five counties selected for the funding, Nolan County ranks as one of the smallest, most western and only rural county eligible.Another resolution approved at the meeting was to create a shared statutory county court with Fisher County. Nolan County Court at Law Judge David Hall presented the commissioners with the information, noting that both Nolan and Fisher counties would benefit in saving money with the shared costs. In addition, an agreement between Election Systems & Software and the county was approved. The three-year agreement locks the cost for the purchase of election supplies. While the overall price generally remains the same, a one cent drop was reported in the costs of ballots.The commissioners also approved the receiving of the 2010 racial profiling report from Nolan County Sheriff David Warren. The report divides each recorded traffic stop by ethnicity, and Warren stated that no complaints were made against any deputy in regards to profiling.However, a variety of items were tabled at the meeting by the commissioners. Among them included the proposal for record recreation in the County Clerk's office and the appointment of Pat Lenoir as a non-paid Reserve Deputy Constable. The commissioners tabled the appointment in order to meet with the county attorney to discuss any liability issues. Other items that were approved were for the advertising of bids for gravel and AC-5 Asphalt for the seal coating projects to take place in 2011. The minutes from the meeting held on Feb. 14, along with the two reports received from the Nolan County Trapper and Sheriff's Office, were approved as well.