Business park booming with current property sales

The Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) board of directors approved the sale of real property inside the Sweetwater Business Park during their meeting on Monday morning, December 10, 2012. Thirty acres will be purchased by Select Energy, while 40 acres will be bought by Washita Valley. Each entity will be paying $4,000 per acre for their property. The deal with Washita Valley recently took place last week, in which the company is expecting to bring in up to 40 workers.Also involving the industrial park was a request to the City of Sweetwater to abandon Ludlum Drive (a 1.559 acre tract) and to quit the claim deed to SEED, which was approved. The light poles that are currently in place will be removed. Two reports were also given at the meeting, one of which came from Kirstin Smith, the Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director of SEED. Her brief report detailed the upcoming SEED/Chamber Open House, scheduled for Friday, December 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce.And in his Executive Director's update, Becker stated that the past two projects with Select Energy and Washita Valley have kept SEED busy over the past two months. Over the next two years, the companies could bring in a combined total of anywhere from 80 to 100 workers, with some salaries beginning at $12 per hour.Both of these companies, he said, are leading the way toward the beginning of the oil expansion with the Cline Shale. Various media reports are already projecting that the Cline Shale will be a promising venture.The board was given a recent article from the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine entitled "The Cline Beckons" from Al Pickett, which discusses the history of the land and its future potential. But while these new projects continue, Becker stressed that SEED is working diligently to continue their current partnerships. He stated that all of the entities, whether new or existing, are vital to the success of the community.