Business park filled to capacity

The SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) board of directors met on Monday morning at the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce.Opening the meeting was an executive session. The 80-minute meeting, according to the agenda, addressed economic development, real property negotiations and personnel matters.While no action was taken in the closed meeting, several action items were presented in regular session. Approval was given for the sale of five acres in the Sweetwater Business Park to Jet Specialty, Inc. at the cost of $4,000 per acre. The amount per acre is the same fee paid by the other businesses that have purchased land at the industrial park and this sale now results in the business park being completely occupied. As a result of the park being full, SEED is working with the Central Appraisal District (CAD) in searching for available land in the area, as reported by Kirstin Smith in her Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director's update.Ken Becker, the Executive Director of SEED, also noted their continued work with the CAD in finding another place to establish an industrial park. When areas begin to be placed under consideration, he noted that ongoing contact between him and board would take place for their input on the matter.Also regarding the park, the board approved the removal of the light poles in the Sweetwater Business Park by Oncor Electric Delivery, in order to clean up the park and move forward in its progress.In addition, the payment of accounts payable was approved, along with the minutes from the December meeting. The November 2012 financial statements were reviewed and approved as well, with sales tax numbers returning back to their normal trends for November and the month's unemployment rate standing at 4.7% for the county.