Card game

I had my license and credentials as a Texas Realtor but no experience and no business cards. My broker asked me to go out to a home recently sold by the office to make some Polaroid pictures.The interaction with the new home owners went well as did the picture taking. An extra picture was taken of the family standing together on their front porch. I gave them the picture and pulled a card from my pocket.Later in the day, the new home owner called me on my home phone number. He was very much upset and demanded to know who I was and what was my game. I had no idea what he was stirred up about until he mentioned my business card.Suddenly I remembered handing him a card with the Polaroid picture. Not having any Realtor cards, I had given him one with my name and home phone number indicating my sideline as a writer of short stories. He had had his picture taken by a nice guy who claimed to be a Realtor but was actually a writer and the card proved it!He had me in his jaws, wanted my notes and demanded to know who I was writing for. The more I tried to explain, the deeper the hole got.I immediately called my broker and asked him to call this angry man. He was laughing so hard he could hardly talk. He called the man while still laughing only to dig the hole a bit deeper but was finally able to convince him that all was on the level and no stories would be written. We ordered business cards the next day.Named Writer of the Year in 2005, Ted Weaver is also an accomplished public speaker, educator and auctioneer. Mr. Weaver held positions as the Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Pro-Tem in Sweetwater, Texas. Contact Ted Weaver at or by phone at 719-964-5268.