Castro officially files for State Representative

Mayor Isaac Castro made it official recently by filing his candidacy for State Representative. Mayor Castro will oppose incumbent Representative Susan King in the March 2014 primary election. On another note, Mayor Castro addressed the Abilene Tea Party meeting recently held at the Cotton Patch Restaurant. Although it is mandated that Texas' legislators must submit a balanced budget, Mayor Castro feels that there should be cuts to the budget, which now stands at $196.951 billion. He feels that other controls should be implemented to curb spending. He stated that most state agencies make sure that they spend every cent that they receive. "Very seldom does an agency give any funds back." He also thinks that the budget can only be exceeded by 3/4 majority vote of both Houses of the Legislature and approval by the Governor. He believes that all state agencies should be required to regularly begin their budget with a zero base rather than additional growth over the previous biannual budget.He stated, "Texas is the conservative anchor for the United States. Plans of the Democratic Party to turn Texas blue again need to be taken seriously. They are mounting a serious challenge and the Republican Party should not be complacent."