Celebrating Mom

It's that time of year again, where social media will buzz like crazy on Sunday as we all take the time to let the online world know that our mom is the best one out there.If you've followed my columns, I've already praised my mom through this particular medium. But as I glance at my Facebook news feed on a daily basis (probably more than I should), I find that there are a wide variety of mothers out there, and they all should be celebrated.There are the first-time mothers--in which several of my friends fall into that category, and it's been fun to watch their babies grow over the past year. So many "firsts" have been chronicled online, and I've enjoyed seeing these little babies become toddlers.Then there are the mothers raising several kids, juggling the different age groups. Mom's trying to make it from one practice to another and from one appointment to the next, as each child is in a different stage of life.There's also the mothers raising their kiddos on their own. Maybe Dad is on military leave, or there's another reason why it's just Mom and the kids. That's when the idea of community comes into play and moms can lean on their friends and other mothers for encouragement and support.And don't forget the moms whose kids are all grown. Not only does social media allow Mom to keep up with her children, but now she is doubly blessed and can see what her grandkids are up to. I'm sure there are other mom categories, but on the other side of this Sunday...there are women that have endured some hardships on the road of motherhood.There will be some women who are married and are ready to start a family, but for some reason that blessing hasn't been bestowed on them. Maybe there's been some trouble in conceiving a child, or maybe, they've faced the harsh reality of a miscarriage--one, two or maybe more--and the questions surface in their minds as to why they're going through this particular situation.And then there will be women who have married and started a family, but have dealt with the unimaginable pain of burying a child. Whether the child was young or old, it's a pain I can't even begin to relate to, and holidays like Sunday are a stark reminder of what they've lost in their lives.Some people might be aware of the different situations and offer a hand of comfort. Others might not know, and in their lack of understanding might come and ask why you don't have kids or when you plan on starting a family. In either situation, emotions run high.As for me, I'm not a mom. But thankfully, God has brought kids of all ages into my life through my involvement at church. He's given me the chance to reach out to them, and more importantly, He's allowed these kids to be a blessing to me in ways they won't ever be able to comprehend.Just like the student I taught in Children's Church--when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, "I want to do what you do." (I was in children's ministry at the time.)Or, it's the kid in the youth group who asked if he could call me Mom (which I told him yes and I call him "Son"), and he asks questions like "Mom, do you like tomatoes?"And it's the little girl who yells "Miss Belinda...wait!" as I'm walking out the doors of the church, who runs up to me just so she can give me a hug and tell me that she loves me.For now, these are my "mom moments". Whether God's using them as a way to prepare me one day for motherhood, or perhaps these are the only instances I'll have to share any kind of maternal instinct, only time will tell. But on this, and every Mother's Day, may we celebrate the women who are blessed with children of their own, the mothers who have seen a side of motherhood they never imagined they would see, and may we look forward to one day recognizing the ladies who eagerly await the joy and blessing of having a child of their own and being called "Mom."Belinda Serrano is a Staff Writer with the Sweetwater Reporter. Comments about this column may be e-mailed to editor@sweetwaterreporter.com.