Celebration planned for RSB's Ron Stovall

For the last thirty-three years, Ron Stovall was employed at the Roscoe State Bank. This Thursday, a celebration will be held in his honor at the Roscoe Community Center from 5 to 7 p.m. On April 1, 1979, Stovall was hired as a vice president of Roscoe State Bank by Clyde Jay, the father of the current bank president, John Jay. Stovall called the senior Jay an "inspiration" and a "wonderful banker." Though he retired from his position as Executive Vice President at the end of 2012, Stovall continues to serve on the Board of Directors, which he joined in 1982. Stovall wore many hats during his time in the RSB offices, as he worked as a loan officer servicing commercial, consumer and agricultural loans. Prior to his employment at Roscoe State Bank, Stovall gained banking experience through his work at the First National Bank in Lamesa. But outside of his banking career, Stovall also served as the Mayor of Roscoe during the 1980s for a decade. Throughout the years, Stovall said that he has had many wonderful customers whom he appreciates. He also praised the great working conditions provided by the Jay family, and noted that he made lots of wonderful friends during his "wonderful working experience". However, during his time with Roscoe State Bank, the most evident change Stovall saw was its growth, even during the various ups and downs in the economy. When he was hired in 1979, the bank's total assets were $17.8 million; today, they stand at $167.2 million."We couldn't have done it without Ron's efforts and contributions," stated John Jay, the president of Roscoe State Bank. "He has been vitally important to me and the organization during this time and has been there every step along the way, supporting the growth, success and strategic direction of the bank". During Stovall's thirty-plus years with RSB, the company grew from one office to three branches in Roscoe, Sweetwater and Bastrop. Jay went on to say that Stovall provided an excellent example for all employees as well."He has a consistently wonderful attitude and work ethic, and he has shown dependability and loyalty to the bank," added Jay. "Our customers are extremely loyal to him, and he has built strong relationships over the years."During his time at Roscoe State Bank, Stovall learned some lessons which he says will benefit him in this new chapter of life. Among them were to be prepared for life and to not panic when things don't go as planned.Instead, a person should adjust and be adaptable. Stovall also learned about the honesty and trustworthiness of people during his employment.Since his retirement began, Stovall has had the chance to take part in more traveling ventures, many of which will allow him to see his family more often.He recently took trips to Galveston to see his sister and brother-in-law, as well as the Metroplex area to see his children and grandchildren. Stovall has two surviving daughters, Tara and Laci, and six grandchildren: Tripp, Bre, Brody, Reagan, Jace and Drew. And while Stovall's presence might be physically gone from the Roscoe office, he hopes to have left a strong impact on others. He hopes that he provided guidance and growth to others, as well as opportunities--whether through loans or advice--for people to pursue their dreams."We will miss him tremendously from the day-to-day activities," noted Jay, "but we are honored that he will be actively involved as he continues to serve on the Board of Directors. He will be also be involved in future strategic planning for the organization."To ensure that the festivities would not coincide with the Christmas and New Year holidays, Roscoe State Bank decided to postpone Stovall's retirement celebration. Everyone is invited to attend the special event honoring Stovall's banking career on Thursday.