Child injured in possible gun shot accident

On Monday afternoon, April 4, 2011, between 4:45 and 5 p.m., on the 900 block of E. 16th Street, Chris Spaulding stated that he and his son, Corbyn Spaulding were unloading groceries from the vehicle and bringing them into the house. Mr. Spaulding was just entering into the kitchen area with an arm full of groceries, when he heard a sound outside that sounded like a gun shot. When Mr. Spaulding rushed out side the front door he noticed his son holding his right abdominal side area. Spaulding stated that Corbyn, his son, told him that he felt like he got stung by a wasp. Mr. Spaulding stated that he then had proceeded to lift up his son's shirt, to find had a small hole in his side where his son was bleeding from. Spaulding stated, "He says that he doesn't remember anything, other than it feeling like he got stung by a wasp."At this point Mr. and Mrs. Spaulding had called 9-1-1. Mrs. Joyce Spaulding, Corbyn's mother, being in the medical field, made sure Corbyn was laying still on his back and she applied pressure to his abdominal area until EMTs got to their residence.Medical records for Corbyn from Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital stated that, "a metallic density fragment measuring approximately 8.0 mm is embedded within the musculature of the right internal oblique muscle. No fractures or dislocations are seen. Two views of the abdomen were obtained, demonstrating a metallic density shrapnel-type fragment overlying the right abdomen, which could represent shrapnel from previous gunshot injury."According to witnesses in the area, they did hear "for sure a single gun shot" go off in the outside area of the Spaulding's residence. Currently at this point no residents in the neighborhood of the Spaulding's, have been question of the incident by police, according to Spaulding.Mr. Spaulding stated, "I just want answers. Was it some kids playing around, someone driving by? Was it someone shooting at a squirrel or something? I would just like for others to know that this is something to be aware of, and I'm thankful my son was not seriously injured."