Child Support Evader Kurt Lindner

Attorney General Greg Abbott needs your help locating Child Support Evader Kurt Lindner, one of the Most Wanted Child Support Evaders in Texas. Lindner, who was added to the Child Support Evader’s list in December 2005, owes $37,597 for the care of a daughter from Abilene.In March 1993, Lindner was ordered to pay $250 a month in child support. Lindner, who had the ability to make his payments, did not follow the judge’s order to support his child financially.Lindner was given many opportunities to honor his child support obligation without going to jail. After failing to follow several court-ordered repayment plans, his driver’s license was suspended. An arrest warrant was issued in 2001after Lindner failed to attend an enforcement hearing.Kurt Lindner has not made a single child support payment in 10 years. By refusing to provide the financial resources his daughter needs, Lindner has turned his back on her and violated the law. A combination of missed payments and interest that accrues on unpaid child support adds up to more than $37,000 in unpaid child support he now owes. Investigators from the Attorney General’s office have searched the state for Lindner, whose last known address points to the Abilene area. He may be working for cash to avoid garnishment of wages to pay child support. Contact the Attorney General’s Office at (866) EVADERS (382-3377) to report information that may lead to the arrest of Kurt Lindner. Last Address: Abilene, TXOccupation: ConstructionBorn: 04/22/51 Height: 5’11” Weight: 175 lbs.Color of Eyes: GreenColor of Hair: BrownRace: CaucasianTexas law requires the Office of the Attorney General to publicly identify certain parents who are delinquent in the payment of child support. The Child Support Evaders are selected because they have the ability to take responsibility for their children but refuse to do so. Incarceration is the only option for parents who repeatedly ignore court orders to pay child support. The Attorney General’s Office helps parents who lack the ability to pay child support by referring them to job training and employment services.Visit the agency’s website to find out about other Child Support Evaders, and to obtain information about the Attorney General’s Child Support Division.Greg Abbott is the Attorney General of Texas. Comments about this column may be e-mailed to