Cisco College offers Rural Leadership Program

Cisco College offers their second annual Rural Leadership Program for people from the Big Country who are interested in becoming more proactive in today’s changing world. The program teaches those in leadership positions to make a positive difference in their communities through networking with experts from business and industry, local, state and national agencies and economic development groups, and by employing innovative leadership methods including strategic action-based planning, communication skills, conflict management and collaboration, team building, time management and many more advanced leadership constructs. The course will be taught the third Thursday of each month at the Myrtle Wilks Community Center from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., beginning in May and running through November of 2012. The cost is $330, which includes training, activities, materials, morning snacks, beverages and lunch.Completers will receive a Cisco College Continuing Education Certificate for 42 contact hours/4.2 CEU’s. Application deadline is May 3, 2012.People and organizations that will benefit from attending the course include business owners and employees, agricultural operators, city and county officials, church groups, volunteers, economic developers, chamber of commerce members, nonprofit organizations, workforce development personnel, educators and others. Michelle Chrane, of Hendrick Medical Supply in Eastland says of last year’s session;"The Rural Leadership Class has been of great benefit to me, I learned new skills for leading my team, decision making, time management and many other helpful areas. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I enjoyed the classes."Dennis Hall Pastor, New Life Restoration Church, Breckenridge, found “the course at Cisco College on Leadership in Rural Communities to be one of the most enlightening, helpful and interesting courses I've taken in my years of post-graduate work. I discovered myself using the principles I learned from the course in the various areas where I find myself leading: as a family man; as a pastor; and as a leader in various organizations. I found myself discussing and applying the materials from this course continuously in my daily life. The teacher, Bluesy Cooksey, who formerly worked on staff at the Pentagon with Colin Powell, is compelling and a master of his material. He is not only a consultant for various corporations, but also an accomplished educator in various colleges in this Texas region. "I would urge anyone who is interested in motivating and moving people to accomplish something together to check out this course.”  This is an excellent opportunity for busy leaders to advance their leadership skills to the next level, to connect with other leaders and be empowered for greater success through a minimal time investment. Contact Charlotte Nix Speegle at 325.794.4411 or; or Micheline Simmering at 325.794.4408 or for more information or to register for the program.