City awards bid for police station construction project

The Sweetwater City Commission met on Tuesday morning, in which Ratcliff Constructors, LP was awarded the bid for the proposed police station construction project.During the commission meeting held on the 14th, nine bids were submitted and read, in which the selection committee reviewed and scored the bids. While the bid price was the main scoring factor, company experience and their team members were also considered.As a result, Ratcliff and JC Commercial tied in the scoring, in which both companies made their presentations to the commission on Tuesday. Ratcliff Constructors, LP, based in Addison, Texas, submitted a bid for $3,717,000, with the project expected to be completed in 330 days.Representing Ratcliff were the company’s president, Max Young, who was joined by the Vice President of Construction Chris Botto and Vice President of Business Development, Robert Williams. The third-generation company was founded in central Louisiana, but eighteen years ago Young started the business in the Dallas area.Over the last 18 years, the company has completed various projects totaling around $850 million. With an average volume of $80 to $100 million per year, their main work lies in municipal and K-12 projects.Some recent projects in Texas ranged anywhere from 15,000 square feet--which is the size of the local police station construction--to 57,000 square feet. In their law enforcement projects, Ratcliff has completed around 155 million dollars’ worth of construction.As part of their presentation, the company offered financial references, a banking letter, safety record and several letters of recommendation from past projects. The company also had a preliminary schedule, and they hope to work with the subcontractors and establish relationships to make the project successful. In addition, they want to put their expertise to use in Sweetwater and establish relationships with the citizens who live near the project. By addressing problems as they arise and working together on inspections, supervision and safety, communication will be stressed so that all involved will be informed.Once the two presentations were heard, the committee took some time to review so that a recommendation could be made. While both companies were deemed as strong businesses, Ratcliff was already taking steps in order for the project to be completed in a timely manner. Their direct experience in police department construction also played a role in the committee’s decision to unanimously recommend Ratcliff Constructors for the project, which was approved by the commissioners.