City Council Designates Sweetwater Reporter as Official Newspaper of City

Joseph Grant

At City Hall on Tuesday at the City Council Meeting, a Resolution was adopted and thus, approved by The City Council the designate The Sweetwater reporter as the City’s Official Newspaper.
The Resolution read as thus:
(Designating Official Newspaper)
A Resolution Of The City Council Of The City Of Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas, Designating The Sweetwater Reporter As Official Newspaper For The City Of Sweetwater For A One Year Term To Expire On December 31, 2020.
WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Sweetwater, a Home-Rule Municipality, finds that the Sweetwater Reporter is a newspaper of general circulation within the City of Sweetwater; and;
WHEREAS, the Texas Local Government Code, the Texas Property Tax Code and the City’s Charter require the publication of various actions of the City, (including actions of the City Council, City staff and various City boards) in a newspaper of general circulation within the City; and;
WHEREAS, the City Council desires to designate an official newspaper for that purpose;
Now Therefore, Be It Resolved That The City Council Of The City Of Sweetwater Hereby Designates the Sweetwater Reporter as The Official Newspaper for the City of Sweetwater for Publication of All required Notices.
The Resolution was passed and approved by the City Council on January 21, 2020.
The Resolution was approved by Sweetwater Mayor Jim McKenzie, Attested by Patty Torres and Approved as to Form by Peter Sheridan, City Attorney.
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