City discusses property annexation

The Sweetwater City Commission took action on Tuesday to begin the lengthy process of annexation for several properties located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city.For the first two portions, a development agreement was offered in accordance to section 43.035 of the Texas Local Government Code, due to the fact that they had been appraised for tax purposes as land for agriculture or wildlife management (subchapter C or D in Chapter 23 of the Tax Code), or as timber land (subchapter E).The first portion of land is 64.61 acres of a 74.526 acre tract of land (more or less), which is located near the Garden of Memories where a man camp is being developed. The agenda cited that the area has been out of the corporate city limits since July 1 of this year, in which the information was conveyed in a warranty deed on March 13, 2013 from Stanley A. Morris and Phyllis J. Morris to Larson Ventures, LLC, which was recorded in the office public records of Nolan County in Volume 1195, Page 141.The second portion is 53.696 acres out of 376.37 acres (more or less), located south of Interstate 20 near Hopkins Road, which has not been in the corporate city limits since July 1, 2013. The information was disclosed in a warranty deed from February 25, 1972 from Bill Meister and Charlene Miester to Robert T. Hodge and James L. Wilks, recorded in Book 216, Page 749 of the county's deed records.Sweetwater City Manager Eddie Brown shared at the meeting that both parties were offered the development agreement with the understanding that the property is used for agricultural purposes. Once the use is changed--and because the parties did not enter the agreement, the properties become subject to annexation, which is a lengthy process. The second action item dealt with two other tracts of land totaling nearly 33 acres. The first portion of the tract of land is 15.42 acres (more or less)--located near the Garden of Memories, which has been out of the corporate city limits since September 1 of this year. The information was conveyed in a deed from Oren Doggett to Billy L. Doggett on May 19, 2010 in the county's official public records on in Volume 1026, Page 244.The second portion is five tracts of land, not located in the corporate city limits since September 1, 2013, which contain a cumulative total of 17.916 acres (more or less), and are located west of the man camp development. The information was conveyed on September 5, 2007 in a deed from the Garden of Memories Sweetwater LLC to Garden of Memories of Sweetwater Corp., and was recorded in the county's official public records in Volume 943, Page 66.All of the items presented were approved by the commissioners to move forward with the annexation procedures of these properties.