City discusses sewer line project

Discussions were held on Tuesday's meeting of the Sweetwater City Commission on the project taking place at the intersection of Lamar Street and State Highway 70, near Bradford Lane.Approval was given on two construction contract change orders for the utility relocation project by the commissioners. John Voller, the city engineer with Enprotec/Hibbs and Todd, made the presentation at the meeting.One change made will be to increase the size of the line, in which city staff agrees that the increase is an important change to be made. Additionally, the Bradford Lane sewer line repairs will be extended about 2,100 feet further east--a 25% increase, which will be beneficial as activity grows in the area.The relocation project is taking place due to the fact that the water line is currently on top of the sewer line; both utility lines are underground.Later in the meeting, as part of his monthly City Manager's report, Eddie Brown gave a report on the decision made by the SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) board in regards to the city commission's resolution which requested financial assistance for the sewer line project.Brown stated that the item did not fare well, in that a motion was made by Precinct 4 city commissioner and SEED board member Dr. Jerod Peek. However, the motion was killed because a second was not given.According to Brown, state government code section 501.102 gives authority for an entity like SEED to help fund projects that promote economic development and expansion. As noted at last month's meeting, the city feels that the project will help enhance Sweetwater in that activity related to the Cline Shale oil development is taking place in this particular area and is expected to continue.