City meeting postponed

The regular monthly meeting of the City Commission was scheduled for Tuesday morning, Feb. 14, 2012 at City Hall. However, travel and unforeseen circumstances led to the lack of a quorum, resulting in the postponement of the meeting.Nonetheless, a few non-deliberating items were briefly presented. Commissioner Jerod Peek read a resolution which recognized the economic contributions of the Ludlum family to Sweetwater as the company bearing the family's name is celebrating 50 years of business this year.It was also noted that the commission will be voting to name the street which leads into the 88-acre Industrial Park as Ludlum Drive. A street name is needed for 911 emergency purposes. Due to a quorum not being present, both items could not be approved.The Ludlum family was in attendance at the meeting, and owner Don Ludlum thanked the city and the workers and employees of Ludlum Measurements for their efforts.The final item presented was the annual report regarding racial profiling statistics for the city, which required no action. The report was given by Sweetwater Police Chief Jim Kelley, who noted that race is determined by surname or is even asked in some instances.A 72-hour notice prior to the meeting is required, but the City Commission hopes to reschedule their meeting within the next week.