City residential refuse collection rates to increase

Residents will be seeing a change in their water bill, due in part to a resolution that was approved by the Sweetwater City Commission at their meeting on Tuesday.The resolution adopts a different central rate schedule, which confirms and ratifies the central rate schedule for the various fees, licenses, permits and rates charged by the city for the 2013 fiscal year. Two changes are specified, one of which is an increase to residential refuse collection rates by ten percent. According to City Manager Eddie Brown, two reasons were noted for the raise in the rates.Recently, the city of Snyder increased their rate to Sweetwater for use of their facility by 11.5%. As a result of the progression, the cost will need to be made up.The second reason lies within the city’s possibility of developing a Type 4 landfill, which Brown said would be a costly venture. Thus, money would need to be raised in some matter in order to partially fund the new landfill.On most residential bills, an approximate $2 increase would be seen on most residential bills. The largest increase projected, including tax, would be around $2.22.Brown stated that the increase to the residential refuse collection rates is necessary in order to cover the cost of the increase by Snyder as well as the potential new landfill.The other change to the central rate schedule is the addition of “wholesale customers” to the water rate schedule. The city has already done so by contract, but this change now lists the customers.It was not specified in the meeting as to when the change would come into effect.