City, Taylor Electric establish agreement

An ordinance regarding Taylor Electric Cooperative was approved during Tuesday's city commission meeting.Outlined in the ordinance was an agreement between the company and the City of Sweetwater, so that Taylor Electric can construct and maintain their lines with the necessary equipment. It also notes that the electric company can use city streets, alleys, highways and public grounds, while also establishing that the city will receive an annual payment for the usage.Currently, Taylor Electric is part of a dual-service area in the southeast part of Sweetwater near Highway 70. Four representatives from the company were in attendance at the meeting to discuss the contract.As interest has been seen in services from Taylor Electric, a franchise contract--which commonly takes place in other cities--was developed between the company and the city. While the agreement is established for fifty years, representatives with Taylor stated that if any changes were made between the city and other companies, their company would expect to see change as well.In addition, approval was given on a electric power substation proposed by Taylor Electric Cooperative. As the ordinance addresses the issue, the substation's location is south of Bradford Lane.Although gas lines are on the property, Taylor Electric would work with Oncor on this matter. And in order to meet current codes, the area would be fenced.Some concern was raised on whether the substation is located in the city limits; however, it was determined that a portion of the area remains inside Sweetwater.