Cline Shale Alliance meeting held in Sweetwater

The quarterly Cline Shale Alliance luncheon was held on Friday at the Sweetwater campus of Texas State Technical College, as a full house gathered to learn more about the oil exploration and development.The keynote speaker of the event was Ronald Wade, President and CEO of Trail Ridge Exploration and Production LLC. The Grapevine-based company is working on the eastern side of Scurry County, though they are currently still in the exploratory phase. However, the presentation examined other oil plays while looking toward the Cline Shale.The Sprayberry and Wolfcamp shales are located west of Nolan County, with some parts extending into New Mexico. Their growth has been noted as a similar increase seen in the Bakken and Eagleford shales, which are located in the northern part of the United States and in the southeastern part of Texas, respectively.For horizontal rigs, the Sprayberry and Wolfcamp shales make up 23%. The remaining 77% of rigs are vertical. 3-D models were shown during the presentation, along with various depths for different shales. Another encouraging yet beginning development, known as the Mississippian, was cited in the presentation.In the Cline Shale, various industries have taken part in drilling such as Devon, Branch, Firewell, Laredo and Apache. Involvement continues to expand in the Cline Shale, but is not expected to be seen in western Scurry County.However, in eastern Scurry County, depths are being recorded as high as 7,300 feet. When success is seen from the venture, then infrastructure will be established.With the use of technology and more environmentally-friendly methods, the Cline Shale will impact job growth and revenue as the development continues for years to come. Trail Ridge plans on starting slow with about three wells drilled this year, and in early 2014, they hope to increase to have around two to four rigs running. However, collaborative work is necessary in order to see success in this venture.This article is part one in a four-part series which offers a recap of the quarterly Cline Shale Alliance luncheon held in Sweetwater on Friday, April 12.