Cline Shale public forum is Thursday

Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED), the sales tax entity that is responsible for Economic Development in Sweetwater, will be hosting a “Cline Shale” public forum for those interested in learning more about the Cline Shale oil play and how it affects West Texas. The public forum will be held on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 6 p.m. in the “Historic” Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium located at 400 Locust Street in Sweetwater.Topics during the forum will include an engineering perspective of how communities and organizations need to work together to take full advantage of the boom and minimize the risk. The forum will have representatives from the Office of the Texas Comptroller speaking on how the Cline Shale may impact the local tax revenues.  "We plan to have an engineer from Halliburton talk about the Fracking process. We will have an overview of what has happened and is happening in oil related businesses including services and logistics," said event organizers.Art Maberry, President of the SEED Board of Directors, stated that “this is an opportunity to learn more about the Fracking process, what other areas are doing and to hear how to be better prepared for what potentially happen Nolan County and West Texas.”  The Nolan County Forward Planning Committee, started by SEED President Art Maberry, directed SEED staff to host a Cline Shale Public Forum in June to “better inform the residents of Nolan County and West Texas about the Cline Shale oil play.” For additional information, contact the SEED office at 325-235-0555 or by email at or