Commissioners’ Court Approves County Engagement Agreement; Purchases

Photo Credit Joseph Grant
Joseph Grant

The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court met in regular session on
March 9, 2020 at 9 a.m., in the County Courthouse Sweetwater.
The audit results from Adult Probation were received by the Court. The Commissioners approved the purchase of a secured filing cabinet as the one that is currently in the County Auditor’s office does not lock appropriately and is therefore, not secure.
The minutes from February 24th meeting of the Commissioners’ Court were approved without any changes or elisions.
The Court then approved the Texas Department of Agriculture Texas Feeding Texas: Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program.
A Vital Check agreement for the District Clerk and Court Collections and for Court Collections to print checks from payments of defendants were approved by the Court.
Charles R. Kimbrough, an attorney from the offices Bickerstaff Heath Delgado and Acosta LLP spoke on the Engagement Agreement with Bickerstaff Heath Delgado and Acosta LLP for 2020 TXDOT grant. He discussed the 202 agreement in relation to the one in 2014. In 2014, the law office served as legal representatives for the County with a cap of $27,500 when the grant was $225 million, but received $13,739.21, which was below the cap. So, there may be some money still left regarding the project. Whatever counties are a non-participant, their money goes back into the grant.
This is just a straight grant project, no zone needs to be created. The application needs to be in by April 27 and in May the project will be awarded. There is a five-point list regarding the project and its percentages. 10 percent is for weight tolerance, 20 percent for oil and gas, 45 percent for horizontal wealth, 10 percent on oil and gas waste and 15 percent for vertical wealth. In 2014 the firm charged $275 an hour. In 2020, the rate will be $315 with a cap of $31,500 for 50-100 service hours. Any outside legal work on the project would be extra. A public meeting on the matter, while not needed, was advised. The firm has worked with Nolan County for 20 years and values the opportunity to work again with County. The motion was made to work with the firm again in 2020 and the motion carried.

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