Commissioners’ Court Meets; Approves Second Amendment Resolution; County Purchases

Joseph Grant

The Nolan Commissioner’s Court met in regular session on Tuesday, November, 12. at 9: a. a.m., in the County Courthouse Sweetwater, Texas.
Commissioners’ Court lifted the burn ban for a few weeks.
The Commissioners approved a Resolution making Nolan County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.
“The Second Amendment has never been about hunting, it has always been about the people defending the Republic at war. In combat I have witnessed first hand the power of the people when they form a Militia against an invading army. I firmly believe that the Founders ratified the Second Amendment with this in mind along with the people being able to defend against a domestic threat from their own government. I want to thank the Nolan County Commissioners Court and Sheriff David Warren for taking this stand against those in Austin and D.C. that want to see the people defenseless. “ SFC U.S. Army Infantry (Retired) Robert McBride said.
County Attorney Lisa Peterson has this to say on the matter: ““There is nothing in the Constitution of the State of Texas or its laws, which allow a county to make declare itself a sanctuary for or against weapons. As a political subdivision of the State of Texas, neither Nolan County nor any of its elected officials has the authority to go against the Constitution or laws of this State or of the United States. The concern with resolutions like this, as voiced in other counties where they did not pass, is that they may serve to embolden “sovereign citizens” of the sort who were involved in the Davis Mountains standoff of the 1990s, in which an entire community lived in fear of these individuals for many months.”
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