Communities come together during disaster

As of this past Sunday, Maryneal resident and Big Country Medical Reserve Corps member Carol Higdon says that she started to collect her important belongings, as well as help her sister on Monday pack her items in boxes in case they would have to evacuate.Later Monday, Higdon proceeded to help arrange a location for all local Maryneal residents as well as firefighters and volunteers. The first location was at the Highland School.Then Tuesday they were able to move over to the Community Center of Maryneal, since the smoke was not as strong as to compared to Monday.Higdon mentioned that she has received so much help from local community residents from making sandwiches, to bringing treats and food supplies, as well as smaller town communities throughout the area, bringing food, drinks, ice and extra emergency supplies.Since many of the Maryneal residents are without power, the community center has become a refuge area as well as a communication area not just for the locals, but also for the firefighters. Rust Street Ministries of San Angelo, Texas has also provided a trailer in which locals, as well as volunteer fire fighters may get a fresh shower.American Red Cross also provided many supplies and emergency items.Higdon wanted to say, "thank you" to everyone who has donated supplies, and their time and effort in helping the community as well as the volunteer firefighters and the fireman of the area and outsourced locations.Some supplies that are needed currently are basic snack food items, liquids and ice.