Community comes together to fix Freddie

Freddie the Fire Truck came to Sweetwater Fire Department right at 20 years ago. He has served a long life of educating and entertaining local children.Freddie the Fire Truck has had some rough times in the recent past, with Freddie getting to be the age his is, and unfortunately, he is unable to continue his work with the local school fire prevention and safety programs due to his advanced age and the wear and tear of Freddie's components.Freddie was built back on July 7, 1991, according to his original manufacturer. Robotronics, Inc. has given a quote on replacing and/or repairing the worn and outdated components and equipment necessary to allow Freddie to return to service educating local children on fire prevention and safety.One way the community can help is by simply making a Let's Fix Freddie donation to the Sweetwater Fire Department.Donations can be mailed to Sweetwater Fire Department, Attn: Chief Madden, 900 E. Broadway, Sweetwater, TX 79556 and write Fix Freddie on the memo line of your check.Another way is to order your own address rock for $35. This is a slate rock with your street address number upon it created by Let's Fix Freddie volunteers. "These beautiful additions to your yard can be ordered by simply mailing your donation to the Sweetwater Fire Department, Attn: Chief Madden, with your desired number and color (black, red or blue). Again, please write Fix Freddie on the memo line of your check. All checks should be made out to the Sweetwater Fire Department.For more information, visit