Community prayer planned

A community-wide prayer service is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 28, at 7:30 p.m. "In light of so many fires and so little rain it seems appropriate to join together as a group of believers and pray," said Doug Crum with Fourth and Elm Church of Christ. "However, instead of meeting together to tell God what we need, I think we should meet together and give him what He deserves, our praise.""As modeled in the Old Testament, a call to return to God is so important. I feel that rather than spending most of our time talking, I really want to spend time listening to God's Word and acknowledging His power, love, mercy, and forgiveness."The worship will be held on the lawn just West of the First Financial Bank building. FFB will be providing water for all the guests. Those attending are encouraged to sit on the grass or bring their own lawn chairs. For more information, contact Doug Crum at 235-8696.