Concerns about Halloween and sex offenders

Texas State law only prohibits sex offenders on probation from participating in Halloween activities such as handing out candy or putting up decorations. In addition to State law regulations, all sex offenders on adult probation in Nolan, Fisher and Mitchell Counties are not allowed to participate in any type of Halloween activities. The local department will partner with Taylor County Adult Probation. Sex offenders from Nolan, Fisher and Mitchell Counties will attend a mandatory meeting held in Taylor County from 6-10 p.m. Local authorities have been notified and will provide surveillance to offenders’ homes during Halloween week.Nolan County currently has nine sex offenders on adult probation; Fisher County has three and there are five on adult probation in Mitchell County. Note that sex offenders must continue to register as a sex offender after their probation or parole ends. Parents need to be aware of sex offenders living near their families, especially on Halloween. Adult Probation suggests using the DPS sex offender database to locate registered sex offenders living within their community. It allows parents to put in an address, city or zip code to obtain the names of registered sex offenders living nearby. Adult Probation strongly advises parents to visit the DPS website at The website currently reports 52 registered sex offenders in Nolan County, 10 in Fisher County and 30 in Mitchell County. Note these totals are much higher than the number of sex offenders currently on adult probation. The website will provide if the sex offender is currently on probation or parole or if the term has expired.