Construction bids for proposed police station scheduled

Following the first attempt, construction bids for the new proposed police stations are scheduled to be opened at the January City Commission meeting, as announced by City Manager Eddie Brown during his monthly report at Tuesday’s meeting. The first set of bids obtained at the September meeting, but were much higher than expected. Since that time, plans have been amended to become a 15,000 square foot project with only one floor level. The report also noted that the Sweetwater Fire Department has a new pumper truck, which was seen by the commissioners during the meeting. The purchase has been scheduled for some time, but became a priority this year when the previous pumper truck did not pass inspection. In addition, sandblasting work on the Loop 549 water storage facility started on December 3 and painting was scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. The winter weather, however, resulted in a delay this week.Also during the meeting, the second and final reading of an ordinance amendment was approved and thus adopted. Chapter 25, Article IV, Section 25-63 was amended to establish a new petition filing fee to be incorporated in the city’s annual central rate schedule in the procedures for abandoning, altering, closing and vacating streets, alleys and public ways.The original fee was set at $50, but needed to be changed in order to completely cover costs. The first reading was held at the November meeting.The minutes from the November 12 meeting were additionally approved, as well as the contract renewal with Melody’s Southwest Consortium for drug and alcohol testing services, which are given at random to Department of Transportation and Public Safety employees. The company has performed these services for several years for the city.