County commissioners award bids at meeting

After almost a month of gathering and conducting research, the Nolan County Commissioners awarded bids to several items during their Monday morning meeting at the county courthouse.Nolan County precincts will be obtaining their AC5 paving materials from the Valero company, following approval from the commissioners. While they did not offer a bid, the company gave the option of selling on a daily rack basis for $570 per ton.From their calculations, the commissioners determined that the Valero price would come in at the lowest price per gallon in comparison of the other two companies that presented bids.For road maintainers for Precincts 1 and 3, two companies had submitted options. While totals, trade-ins and warranties were discussed leading up to a decision, approval was given to go with low bid from Warren CAT, totaling $431,500.In addition, two companies were awarded the bid for fuel for the county precincts and sheriff's department. The Central Rolling Plains Co-op will supply Precinct 1 with fuel, while Precincts 2, 3 and 4 awarded their bid to WTG Fuels.One bid was received from Vulcan Materials for crushed rock for road maintenance at $32.60 per ton, which was awarded and approved by the commissioners.Also during the meeting, approval was given to extend the warranty for the courthouse security system. As the current warranty is set to expire soon, an extension proposal was submitted with the annual cost of $388.The burn ban was approved to remain in effect until the next court meeting date, and the minutes from the March 11 meeting were approved as well. Reports were also received from the Nolan County Auditor and Treasurer, the Nolan County Veterans Service Office, the Agrilife Extension Office and the Tax and Welfare offices.