County law enforcement center discussed

A series of awards were presented during the Nolan County Commissioners' Court meeting on Monday morning, July 11, 2011 at the Nolan County Courthouse.Eight individuals were honored with Nolan County service awards for up to 15 years of service with the county. Those honored with five years of service were John Womble as Precinct #4 Equipment Operator and Kevin Buchanan and James Villanueva as Sheriff's Department Patrol Deputies.Ten-year honorees were Sharla Keith as County Clerk Deputy, Annette Mills as County Auditor 1st Assistant, Ronda Hall as Sheriff's Department Jailer/Booking Dispatcher and Rhonda Keller as County Clerk Chief Deputy. Zach Wilcox was recognized as the only one with 15 years of service as the Agricultural Extension Service Agent.While not in attendance, Bruce Foster was credited for five years as a Coliseum employee.Several action items were presented during the meeting, including the approval of bids for a pneumatic tire compactor for use in all four precincts. Only one bid was received from an Abilene company for a 2005 model, which also serviced the machine. The commissioners received and accepted the bid, costing around $59,500.Other approvals were given for items which are determined on an annual basis. A resolution was approved for the Texas Department of Agriculture Home Delivered Meal Grant Program. To be eligible for the grant, the county has to put up a certain amount of money, in which the grant assists in meals that are prepared and delivered by the city.In addition, an agreement was approved between West Texas Centers (also known as MHMR) and the county to provide mental health and disability services for Nolan County's mental health issues. The agreement is approved on a yearly basis, and the county pays a monthly fee of about $2,226 to help provide the services.Another continued agreement was made for the road and bridge fee for vehicle registration in Nolan County. The $10 fee has been in place for several years and was approved to continue.A couple of presentations were made during the meeting as well by Roy Orr and his colleagues. One discussion was on the preparation of a feasibility study for the proposed county law enforcement center, which an associate from Banner Construction Management discussed several aspects on the preliminary work done by the company. The presentation highlighted the services, budget, timeline, designs and potential hires for an architect and construction company. The planning and programming needs were also discussed, such as the phases and options of 2D and 3D models based upon the considered sites. A similar presentation was made at a previous meeting regarding the county's law enforcement center.The other presentation from Orr was in regards to a prescription plan for Nolan County employees and its residents. Sample cards were presented to the commissioners and its services were discussed. The plan covers a wide range of medical services from prescriptions to MRIs and even includes services for animals.There is no fee for using the cards, in which the manufacturers reimburse the pharmacy and the county will even receive payment from royalties upon its use. An associate sharing the plan cited the program as "very flexible" in that it can be used anywhere in the US. The commissioners took no action at the time but would further discuss the issue.The commissioners also approved for the burn ban to remain in effect for the next two weeks, as well as approving the minutes from the June 27 and July 1 meetings. Several reports were received at the meeting, including those from the Veteran's Service office and the Nolan County Clerk, Tax Office and Auditor.