County records being digitized

During the Nolan County Commissioners meeting on Monday, approval was given to pay for the scanning of 62 deed record books to the company Scantiva from the records management fund.According to Pat McGowan, the county clerk, 36,977 images were scanned. The county has been utilizing the work of Scantiva for some time, continuing with the recently completed work of the 62 books being digitized.A fifty-percent discount was given to the county, bringing the fee to around $6,000. At this time, the records management fund has around $36,000 available.And while still in the early planning stages, the county is in talks with Scantiva on the possibility of putting the records online, due to a rise in interest for online access. In addition, the commissioners accepted the letter of notification from the Nolan County Treasurer, Gayle Biggerstaff, of her intent to retire effective February 28, 2013. As a result of Biggerstaff's retirement, approval was also given to establish a temporary training position using unexpended treasurer/secretarial supplement funds from February 19, 2013 through February 28, 2013.Furthermore, the burn ban for the county will remain in place until the next meeting date, as approved by the commissioners after some deliberation. The minutes from the January 28 and 29 meetings were approved, and reports were received from the Nolan County Treasurer, Auditor, Clerk, Tax Office and the Government Trapper.