County to replace security equipment

The Nolan County Commissioners' Court met for its regular meeting on Monday morning, Feb. 14 at the Nolan County Courthouse.Various approvals were made at the meeting regarding equipment, including replacing the current Guardian courthouse security equipment with a new system from Centurion Wireless security systems. The existing Guardian equipment is not only dated, but has recently failed in several areas of service. A previous quote for the new Centurion system from September 2010 stood at around $21,000; the revised quote from Feb. 7 had an approximate $3,000 discount from the original number. The system from Centurion would be similar to the current system, but would include some replacements. The Centurion system would also boast various updates, including pre-recorded messages and broadcasting from two radio frequencies.The commissioners also approved an agreement between Nolan County and West Central Texas (WCT) Councils of Governments. The county currently has two vehicles in the Sheriff's Department that are used in police academy training. Because the county cannot give the vehicles away, a trade will be made for four tuition scholarships — totaling to $1,120 — to the county correction officers' school in return for the two cars.Also, a bid was awarded for a mowing tractor in Precinct 3. At the previous meeting held on Jan. 24, this action item had been tabled in order to look at the four bids which were presented. The commissioners accepted the bid for a tractor from Abilene New Holland.Furthermore, three sets of items were approved to be considered as excess property to the county in order to be disposed of by being auctioned off through the Govdeals website.An itemized list of old radio equipment was included in the group. The old analog equipment, some of it dating back over 25 years, is scheduled to be banned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2013. Also listed in the group was the old jail kitchen stove, a gas stove which was purchased back in April 1985. Another set of items were eight mobile vision VCR-based in-car video systems and one eye witness brand in-car video system. The old systems have already been replaced digitally, including the last two replacements which were received from Crimestoppers. However, the county will be seeking approval by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) with this set of items before placing them to be auctioned.A couple of items were approved at the meeting in regards the weather. As a result of the dry conditions, the burn ban on Nolan County is still in effect for the next two weeks. However, as the weather conditions permit, a county controlled burn would take place on property north of the Nolan County Coliseum.The property has very high tumbleweeds; thus, the county is unable to determine if anything such as metal is under the tumbleweeds. For fear of ruining any equipment that would be used to clean up the property, the county has opted to burn the weeds. The Sweetwater Fire Department (SFD) would assist in the burn, and the county hopes to possibly use the burn as a training exercise for the SFD.A reappointment was approved at the meeting for Sandra Osborne Lecroy to serve as a county representative on the City/County Airport Zoning Board. Lecroy’s current term expires at the end of the month and will once again serve on the five-member board. Also approved at the meeting was to increase the bond of the county and district clerk to meet bond requirements. The bond should stand at 20%, yet is currently well below the minimum. The minutes from the meeting held on Jan. 24, along with five reports from the Nolan County treasurer, tax office, clerk, auditor and the veteran service officer were received as well.