Court documents detail Torrez murder

Ray Bohall
Staff Writer

Two weeks after the discovery of Eric Torrez’s body, court documents have been released that uncover some details about the conspirators and what happened leading up to Torrez’s death.
These documents revealed how David Navarro, Stephen Jennings, Kristen Jennings, Gary Lynn Jennings, and Angella Wray worked together to commit an act of overt murder on Torrez.
On July 21, 2017, Stephen Jennings called Eric Torrez to bid on a construction job, which turned out to be a ruse to lure Torrez to 7481 Duckworth Road in Tom Green County. The conspirators wanted Torrez to travel out of Taylor County so that Kristen Jennings, Stephen Jennings’ wife, and Gary Jennings, Stephen Jennings’ father, could travel to his Taylor County residence and take a female juvenile, Torrez and Kristen’s daughter.
According to previous reports, Kristen Jennings arrived at Torrez’s home in Taylor County and assaulted Torrez’s mother before taking her daughter to the Duckworth Rd. home. According to Kristen Jennings’ affidavit, she went to Taylor County the day before with Gary and Stephen Jennings to stalk Torrez and learn the location of Torrez’s home and her daughter’s day care facility a day before Torrez disappeared.
Text messages between the Jennings Family and Angella Wray revealed that the four conspirators planned to kidnap Torrez’s daughter and locate Torrez between 7/20 and 7/22.
In Wray’s affidavit, details described that Wray attempted to gain the assistance of another man to help Stephen Jennings assault Torrez and gather information about the location of his daughter. After the man turned down Wray, she agreed to watch two juveniles while Kristen and Gray Jennings went to Nolan County to take Torrez’s daughter.
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