Courthouse facade discussed at county commission meeting

The remediation of the Nolan County Courthouse façade was discussed during the county commissioners' meeting held Monday afternoon. Representatives from Turner Construction made the presentation, in which they noted that the information given was a continuation of sorts from last week's meeting. The previous meeting discussed the third floor C channel modifications, which included welding.But while the situation is the same, the location is in a different spot on the third floor of the courthouse. Different ideas were presented on how to resolve the issue in order to support the outside stone through the use of some of the same materials.Terry Locklar, Precinct 2 Commissioner, asked why all of the problems and their respective solutions had not been determined at the same time. A company representative stated that had approval been given for demolition--which the company felt they did not get good feedback on from the county--the problems would have been seen.When asked by Precinct 3 Commissioner Tommy White on the additional costs, a total of $5,000 was stated as a few different materials would have to be utilized. Terry Willman, commissioner for Precinct 1, asked how the company would know if the problem would be resolved, but was informed that the only way to make that determination is as they go along with the project.White then pointed out that this situation has been discussed over the past three weeks. As a result of the continual conversation, he said, time and manpower are being misused.Locklar echoed that sentiment, as he pointed out that the commissioners and the county in general are "on the hot seat" as citizens continue to ask about the status of the project. Tony Lara, Precinct 4 Commissioner, cited his own experience in construction work in that companies--no matter how large or small--should be willing to admit their mistakes while also striving to make a client happy with the work. The company responded that while everyone was aware that the building was not erected correctly from the start, their goal was to please the client. Even though the start of the respective project has been rough through the unknown conditions, their intention is to finish the job on schedule.In continuing to resolve the current situation, a timeline for some materials to arrive was given, which would be around two weeks away. As for the steps of the Sheriff's Office, work on that project would begin on Tuesday, July 30.Commissioner Lara also informed the company that some of the offices on the third floor are state offices, in which they would need to be aware of timing. In the instance that workers would need to vacate the office, at least a three-day notice in advance would be needed.And although no action was taken toward the courthouse remediation, the platte as proposed by Kaleb Brewer with Carter Surveying and Mapping during the July 22 meeting--was approved during the meeting.