Custom Touch Village coming to Sweetwater

The anticipated boom from Cline Shale oil development is on the horizon, but with the expected growth, one particular venture is working to be fully prepared in one specific aspect.Housing.Recently, Turn Key Solutions and Larson Ventures held ribbon cutting ceremonies in Snyder and Sweetwater to showcase their Custom Touch Villages. The location in Snyder was completed in record time within 60 to 90 days, and according to Dave Ferguson with Turn Key Solutions, he anticipates the same timing for the Sweetwater site.The village in Snyder is the first in the area for Cline Shale workforce housing. While many citizens might typically call the combined living quarters a "man camp," Ferguson and the company refuse to use the phrase, as it carries with it a negative connotation.But upon touring the lodging, the commonly used phrase goes out the window. The lodging areas include full-sized beds, ample space in the bathroom, and are equipped with top-notch appliances and electronics. The rustic décor offers a welcoming environment, especially after a hard and long work day.Overall, the housing company strives to provide the perfect environment with large amenities, even beyond the living quarters. In Snyder, the site includes a man-made pond stocked with various fish, so that workers can relax on their days off. And nearby, gas grills are set up next to picnic tables. As stated by Trey Cox, the operations manager, workers can take it easy by "chillin' and grillin'." The recreational area also includes a sand volleyball court, a five-hole putting green and a horseshoe pit. Thus, Ferguson's goal is to provide the residents quality hobbies whenever they have free time. But before they can come "home" to these comforts, the working conditions at their job will leave them with clothes that aren't quite suited for washing at the local laundry-mat. As a result, the village has on-site laundry with no charge.The village also includes a privacy fence, video surveillance and street lights which have been and will continue to be added. Night-time security service is also being provided so that security is a top priority.Another way to also keep security at the forefront is by keeping traffic to a minimum. Thus, no outside guests will be allowed on campus except family members of the residents.Already, Ferguson has come to learn that the community of Snyder likes his product. With the different environment, the village setting boasts a positive perception."We do what we say, and we say what we do," he stressed. "We want to provide an asset for the community."In each community where a village is established, the local economy also benefits. The employees come from the respective area, and all the materials are purchased locally within the town.Ferguson stated that they hope to set up an office in Sweetwater, and one business in Sweetwater has already committed to providing three meals a day to the workers. Whether it's a sit-down meal in the hospitality tent or a sack lunch to take on the job site, Sweetwater will benefit from the establishment of the Custom Touch Villages.But beyond the financial growth, population is expected to increase. According to community leaders in Snyder, the projected growth in the next three years would bring Snyder from a population of 11,000 all the way up to around 60,000 people.Part of that projection could be due to the fact that Ferguson's desire is for residents to enjoy the area so much that they want to move into the community. While two-bedroom dwellings and RVs are part of the village, he added that single-family units could be added to the area as needed.And for everything that's already part of the Snyder location, the Sweetwater site for Custom Touch Villages will be identical, located next to the Garden of Memories Cemetery. Pending weather conditions, Ferguson anticipates a quick production for the local village.