Divine message helps Sweetwater man kick drug addiction-Kirk Maberry lives good life today and shares with others


SWEETWATER — Kirk Maberry was a whisker away from kissing the face of death as a result of his drug addiction during the early millennium years.
He was living somewhere in the area without electricity and estranged from his well respected, affluent family.
His only daily motivation was finding a fix to satisfy the deadly craving that sent him into never-never land.
Today having gotten clean nearly 11 years earlier, Maberry is vice president of the family business that has since merged with Andreini and Company, a major insurance company that specializes in lucrative commercial coverage for grocery, oil and gas and construction businesses. He is a father and husband, raising two children.
What happened?
Divine intervention. And it’s a gift that requires effort and honesty, he said.
“There is hope. The Lord changed me. Addicts don’t have to stay in their misery. The problem is most people don’t want to do what needs to be done to get it (addiction) behind them,” Maberry said.
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