Do you feel lucky..., Well do you?

I notice the Obama campaign is really trying to make political hay out of Mitt Romney's statement concerning forty seven percent of the electorate. As I'm sure that anybody who keeps up with current events has heard the statement over and over, I'm not going to bother to repeat it verbatim here. One thing I'm curious about though is, why does the Obama campaign think this is such a good issue for them? When Romney said that forty seven percent of Americans don't pay income tax, was he wrong? Was he actually telling a lie and needs to be called on that? Admittedly, I don't keep track of minute to minute statements of the Obama crowd, but so far I haven't heard him or any of his spokespeople (embedded throughout the mainstream media) just come right out and say Romney's figures are wrong. Notably, I have heard these same people, and Obama, go on at great length about how the "rich" should pay "their fair share", which I usually take to simply mean more. Since I haven't heard anybody dispute the figures, naturally, that leads to a question. That question is: is Mitt Romney correct? Have we sunk to such lows in the United States of America that nearly half of the population is either dependent on the federal government, or at best makes no financial contribution whatsoever? Not only that, but if that's the case, it's happening while we are spending borrowed money at a rate so far beyond unsustainable that I don't even know a word which could adequately describe it. For Spaceballs fans, we have gone way past plaid.So let's see, if Romney's statement is actually correct concerning the percentage of people who either depend on the government for their survival, or at least make no contribution for the many public services they receive, maybe we (United States citizens) should talk to somebody about that. There are certainly a lot of politicians from both sides of the aisle who have contributed greatly over the years to the situation we find ourselves in. However, I don't think we'll have a lot of luck quizzing people who are either out of office or deceased about our current difficulties. Unfortunately, we aren't going to be able to ask Lyndon Johnson to explain the cost and failure of the war on poverty, or for that matter speak to Richard Nixon concerning what he was thinking when he turned the EPA loose on an unsuspecting public. If we aren't going to be able to quiz past leaders, then who should we approach concerning the large percentage of citizens who are either "on the dole" or non productive?No matter how I look at it, because we have to deal with things as they are in the here and now, the way I see it is that if we need to "talk" with somebody about the numbers that Mitt Romney pointed out, that somebody would have to be the man in charge. Since Barack Obama is indeed running the federal government right now, I would think he's the guy to see about this problem. Since he himself pointed out very clearly to John McCain that the election was over, and he (Barack) won it, I'm pretty sure he's aware that he's in charge. If he's still a little fuzzy about that, he should take note that he's living in the White House. Additionally, since he has appointed something around thirty "czars" and issued well over one hundred executive orders, I don't think The Barack can say he isn't the man in charge. Even though he clearly prefers to spread the blame (usually on George W. Bush), rather than adopt Harry Truman's "The Buck Stops Here" policy, his own actions show that like it or not, the federal government is operating under, and carrying out, his policies and preferences. The fact that the Obama campaign is hanging so much on getting Romney's statement in front of every person in America makes me wonder exactly why. After all, if what he said is correct, and I haven't heard anybody dispute it, Obama is running the place and those are his figures. If it ever occurs to someone in the mainstream media to at some point ask what the percentage was (greater, lesser, the same?) when The Barack took office, and has it changed or stayed the same, that might turn out to be embarrassing. I bet the answer will be something along the lines of “George Bush left me in bad shape" (I think I'm fairly safe with that prediction).Personally, I don’t think that the Democrats putting the clip of Romney’s statement in front of the public on a 24/7 basis is such a good idea (for them). First, if they force the public to hear it over and over again, that same voting public may actually get the message. I mean the message about what a problem it is that nearly half of the population is either dependent on, or not pulling the wagon, as far as the federal government goes. That’s not what the left is going to want people to have on their minds when they vote. Secondly, and this has already started, constant repetition of a Romney clip is going to encourage the right to start digging up old videos of The Barack when he was just a sprout of a radical progressive, or for that matter from last month. Obama and his crowd may be supremely confident, but I personally think that a video clip “duel” between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is going to go Romney’s way. Say, do you suppose this is what Clint Eastwood meant when he said “Make my day”, at the convention? In fact, Mr. Eastwood didn’t actually say that, he let the convention crowd do it. As a conservative, I would like to see Obama and Romney start "shooting" past video clips and recordings at each other. The left could dig out recordings of Romney extolling family values and talking about individual financial independence. Then the right could pull up videos and recordings of Obama talking about spreading the wealth around, calling the prime minister of Israel a liar, and promising the Russians that he would be more flexible (which I take to mean accommodating) after the election. The left could then "shoot" back with videos of Mitt Romney talking about reducing the size and intrusiveness of the federal government (it's a foreign subject to progressives, so they think that kind of talk is derogatory).Since I don't really see this kind of duel between Romney and Obama working out so well for The Barack, it brings me back to wondering exactly why the left seems to have made playing a single clip of Mitt Romney, making a true statement, such a large part of their strategy.All I can figure is that the left finds a politician telling the truth so shocking that they don't know exactly how to handle it. With a little luck, maybe American voters do.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at