Donation to SWFD, new police SUV, appointments, voting dates approved

Lead Staff Reporter

he City Commission of the City of Sweetwater, Texas, met in regular session on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. in the City Commission Room of the City Hall.
Several local service organizations donated funds to the Sweetwater Fire Department to purchase new equipment, Housing Authority reappointments were approved, a Change Order and the closing of an undeveloped alley was also approved and the new Sweetwater Police SUV, “The Interceptor” was put on public display.
A presentation was given by the Sweetwater chapters of the Rotary Club, the Kiwanis Club and the Lions Club where a check was handed to Fire Chief Grant Madden for a total of $12,400 towards the purchase of a new unit at $17,000.
Along with the First Financial President and Rotary Club President, Kirby Andrews, Thea Serrano, Lions Club President and Orlando Lara, Kiwanis Club President presented Madden with the donations.
Madden then demonstrated the Lucas Chest Compression System for the Commission and spectators alike.
The Commission considered the reappointments of Ray Chittum, Cheri Roden and Keith Clower whose terms will expire October, 2017, as Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Sweetwater. These appointments were unanimously approved.
The City Commission then considered approval of the Quarterly Investment Report for the quarter ended September 30, 2017 as well as the approval of minutes for the meetings held on September 12, 2017, September 19, 2017 and September 26, 2017.
The City Commission to discuss, consider and resolved to act upon the resolution making certain commitments regarding the Intended future of economic development programs for the City of Sweetwater will be met should the City go to a MDD. Jerod Peek asked that if the vote goes through on changing over to an MDD that it operates closely as possible to SEED.
The City manager, David Vela then spoke on this topic. There were four points of which he wanted the public be assured and be as transparent as possible. The first was that the City Commission intends to commit the existing undesignated economic development funds of SEED to the future authorized projects of the Sweetwater Municipal Development District if such district is created, and intends that no undesignated economic development funds of SEED will be retained by the City for general fund use.
The second is that as the fiscal agent for the undesignated economic development funds, the City of Sweetwater will pay any costs associated with the transition from SEED to the MDD from these funds until such a time as the MDD is set up as its own entity and is able to operate independently. These costs could include legal fees, MDD staff salaries and benefits, and other operating and maintenance costs of the MDD. The City would continue to act as the fiscal agent until those functions can be handed over to the newly created MDD.
The third is that That the City Commission intends to accomplish said commitment of funds through the execution of an Interlocal Agreement with the Sweetwater Municipal Development District and the fourth point is that the City Commission specifically intends for any such Interlocal Agreement to include provisions stating that the current SEED Board Members shall be among the original members of the Sweetwater MDD, that the current SEED staff members shall constitute the staff of the MDD, that the City Commission shall approve any projects of the MDD with an expenditure exceeding $15,000, and that the City Commission shall provide the MDD the initial by-laws that the City Commission desires the District to adopt and abide by.
City Commission then discussed and consider approval to Change Order No. 1, Elevated Storage Tank Water Line Project. The line is in and had needed two different sizes of PRB’s. A change order was added to the project of $14,280 and has been approved.
The City Commission then listened to a presentation from Sage Diller and approved of Work Order No. 7 for Additional Environmental, Design, Bidding, and Construction Phase Services for the 2016 Texas Water Development Board Water System Improvement Project.
A public hearing was opened and the first reading of an Ordinance was given on the City Commission to consider a request to close an undeveloped alley in Block 3 of J.E. Stallings subdivision to the City of Sweetwater between Canfil Street and Park Avenue (undeveloped) from Bluff Street (undeveloped) west to dead end.There were no questions from anyone and it was explained that this was a request from all adjoining land owners. The motion was carried by the Commission.
The City Manager gave his report on the status of the elevated storage tank for Sweetwater.
The painting is ongoing and should be completed in the next day. Clean up is happening and the crew should be off the site in the next day, as well.
The electrical and controls Installed later this month. The new tank will be in-service by Thanksgiving, with the old tank being removed by December 31. The City Manager then gave City Election early voting dates at City Hall. These will be October 23 to October 27 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., October 30 to November 1 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 2 and November 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters cane also vote at Pct #1 Broadway Baptist Church, Pct #2 Trinity Baptist Church, Pct #3 Lamar Street Baptist Church, Pct #4 Evangelical Methodist Church and Pct #9 Avondale Baptist ChurchPublic Comments and Receipt of Petitions were requested at this time. The meeting then adjourned and the City invited all present to go outside and take a look at the new Police Vehicle, a brand new Ford Interceptor.
The City manager reminded all that voting is open for “Tank of the Year” and encourages all citizens to vote for our new water tank. Voting is open now and closes on 10/20. Voting is not limited and can be done as many times as one wishes.