Donor purchases CPR device for Sweetwater Fire Department

Staff Writer

Fire Chief Grant Madden was in for quite a surprise when he agreed to present a new device to the Rotary Club this past Monday. The new device he had planned to present and demonstrate to the Rotarians at the luncheon is known as a Lucas 3. It is a portable chest compression system. It has been assisting emergency responders to deliver high-quality, consistent compressions all at the touch of a button. The machine mechanically provides Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for the first responders and has some impressive numbers as far as successful outcomes goes.
The department has been trying to purchase two of the Lucas 3 for their ambulances and intended to show the attendees the importance of such a device. The demonstration went very well and there were very interesting questions from the crowd. There were such questions as about how the equipment works and what it would mean to have one on the ambulances. As is typical, Madden did an excellent job in answering each and every question.
Just as the meeting was wrapping up and others were beginning to leave, a Rotarian stepped forward to speak with Madden. The person wishes to remain anonymous. The man expressed his interest in purchasing one of the devices for the department. Madden was at a loss for words, which does not happen to him very often. The man took out his checkbook, very generously wrote out a personal check for the entire $17,000 for the Lucas 3 device and handed it to Madden for the Sweetwater Fire Department...To read more, please our print or online edition.