The Double E Diner celebrates their ribbon cutting


Mom and daughter celebrates the official ribbon cutting to top off the opening of their business, The Double E Diner.
The business opened just one month ago and has been successful with business.
Lori Osbun-Ortega and her daughter Marina Ortega have been working in the food industry for years.
They once had a business called Pipo’s Grill, a burger joint.
Marina worked as a waitress for several years and realized she wanted to open up and run how own restaurant while Lori wanted to do catering. They both than realized that they can work as a team.
“I have enjoyed interacting with the customers and getting to know them,” said Marina.
They found a building that use to run as a restraunt and came furnished and with a few renovations the business was up and running within a month.
“I enjoy the people of the community enjoying the food and being able to serve the community,” said Lori.
The name, The Double E Diner, comes from Marina’s children’s names which are Elijah and Evan.
Even though Lori has a new grand baby on the way, she knew there was no way the new baby girl could be left out and saved a special place for her. The famous homemade Red Velvet cupcakes are named after the upcoming baby girl, Rees.
During the ribbon cutting they gave away door prizes to members who attended. Some of the prizes included: 3 Double E Diner coffee mugs, 2 Dinner for Two vouchers, 2 Buy an entree get a free appetizer, and 2 trays of cupcakes.
Lori is married to Armando Ortega in Sweetwater and Marina is dating long time boyfriend of 14 years, Chris Ramirez.
They both call Sweetwater Home and look forward to keep serving Sweetwater.
The Double E Diner is located at 1206 Hailey Street.
Ribbon cuttings promote awareness of companies, leadership, location, and products/services.