DPS reconstructs local accident

Several members from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) were in Sweetwater on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 28, to assist local law enforcement in a recent accident on the 1300 block of Lamar.Sweetwater Chief of Police Brian Frieda stated that DPS has a reconstruction team, in which they rebuild different crash scenes. Different objects are used in the computer-generated reconstruction, which maps out the scene from its start and progresses, leading up to the crash to determine the position of the people and vehicles.This particular reconstruction, said Frieda, was for the motorcycle crash that took place late Friday night leading into early Saturday, which resulted in a fatality. The car involved in the accident began drifting into the other lane, in which the car and motorcycle collided.The reconstruction is part of a crash report for the DPS, and any information will not be released unless charges are filed. At that time, the research could be used for criminal prosecution or for presentation in a civil case.While the results from the reconstruction have not been finalized, Frieda stated that local authorities are also waiting for blood test results at this time.