Dr. Don Frazier to speak at Municipal Auditorium on Comanche Empire

The Pioneer City-County Museum is honored to present Dr. Don Frazier's "The Comanche Empire." Dr. Frazier is a professor of history at McMurry University and the author of "Frontier Texas: History of a Borderland to 1880". This book tells the epic story of the West Texas Frontier and its many transitions throughout the centuries. Early humans hunted mammoths and other game in the region, then the Jumanos followed great bison herds, then the Apaches, the Comanches, the Spaniards and the Texans. Cattlemen and their herds shared the plains with buffalo and the Plains Indians. Battles and ambushes, justice and injustice defined the struggle for the next several decades."Join us on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 6 p.m. at the Municipal Auditorium as Dr. Frazier tells the tale of the Comanches and settlers who once called Sweetwater and Nolan County their home. Admission is open and free to everyone!" The Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium is located at 400 Locust Street. Call 325-235-8547 with any questions.