Drug house demolished

A few months ago, the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office and the 32nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office conducted a raid of a residence addressed as 1110 Runnels Street in Sweetwater. Numerous arrests were made as a result of an investigation that lasted several months. This address was very well known in Sweetwater and Nolan County for the large amount of drug trafficking (primarily crack cocaine) that took place at this house. As a result, the house was seized and subsequently forfeited in 32nd District Court. District Attorney Ann Reed handled the forfeiture proceedings and the house was awarded to the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office via the 32nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office. The house was demolished on Tuesday morning, March 29, 2011. The Nolan County Commissioners with the assistance of the City of Sweetwater carried out the demolition. "The house was in terrible condition and the neighborhood will be best served by it being torn down and removed.  This house has been used for this type of activity for several years with different members of the same family conducting their illegal activities out of the house. This house will no longer be used for this purpose," said Nolan County Sheriff David Warren.