Dunn Admits to Lying, Deflects Other Charges

"I was arrested because Shawn [Adkins] came over here and the authorities were looking for him, and I told them [the officers] he wasn't here [at Dunn's home]," admitted Billie Dunn, mother of missing teen, Hailey Dunn.When Dunn was asked why she lied, she sharply responded, "I'd rather not get into that.""They [the officers] were allowed to in the residence and they did find Shawn in the residence," explained Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs, about the false report Dunn gave the officers.Standing on her front lawn, the newly released Dunn was quick to shift the focus from her arrest to her daughter."Nobody seems concerned with that. Nobody seems concerned with [the fact] that I have a kid that's missing, and has been missing, and nobody's found her. They're [law enforcement] more worried about getting a case closed and pinning it on somebody, I guess," lamented Dunn.However, volunteer searchers see it the other way around."It gets her [Hailey's] face back in the media. It gets her face back out there," said Kristy Lloyd.While others in town were surprised by Dunn's arrest on Thursday evening, they say they're not here to pass judgment on who is arrested, but to find the missing teen.Still, Dunn was not at a loss for words when it came to her three charges, especially the drug possession charge."It was completely a lie. They [officers] found a prescription bottle with my name torn off of it."After fielding more questions, Dunn finally said, "I'm going inside," and slammed her front door behind her.