Eagle Railcar to expand business

Cholla Petroleum is moving forward on their projects with Nolan County. They requested access to county property near the coliseum and received approval from the county commission at Monday's regular meeting. Also at the meeting, Sheriff David Warren requested that the Sheriff's Department be able to purchase two new vehicles, from the 2010/2011 budget. Commissioners approved the request. Item four on the agenda, a presentation from Tommy Morris with BCBS, was tabled. Morris was to address the commissioners about retiree health insurance benefits. However, commissioners did discuss a contract from Double Mountain Landscape. The contract was to provide a drip system for the county courthouse. The contract estimated the cost at $15,644, for a drip system. As part of the contract, the only work that will be done will be that not involving tearing up concrete. The drip system would include a remote, in case a certain area needs more water than is scheduled on the timer. The estimate is good for 30 days and could decrease depending on the work that county workers can provide. Ideas for landscaping were also provided, such as the planting of grass on all sides of the courthouse. Ideas for the flower beds were also discussed. If the landscaping is pursued another estimate will be provided for consideration. Riley Kitchens also presented the opportunity of providing assistance to a few residents that have failing waste water treatment systems. According to Kitchens, a representative of Big Country RC&D, TCEQ has provided with $10,465 to be used for these repairs. Since there are limited funds, a selection process will need to be implemented. Kitchens said that his company can provide the low income standards. Eligible applicants can either have their system repaired or possibly replaced. The county clerk was given approval to purchase another six shelf minimax style book storage unit. Her current shelves are diminishing in size and are almost full. She reported to the commissioners that she only had about one and a half shelves left, before she ran out of room. The shelf will cost $941 and a delivery charge of $182, for a total of $1,123, which will be paid from the records management fund. Once approvals were given, an Eagle Railcar representative addressed the commissioners with an update. Eagle Railcar is building two and a half new buildings in Nolan County. The concrete has been poured and a tax abatement request has been requested from Roscoe. They are planning on adding 15 people to the payroll and plan on continuing to grow their payroll. A request for a half-million tax abatement was requested, instead of the county's 1 million tax abatement limit. The request will be scheduled on the next agenda.