Economy contracts, hubris expands

Having just seen reports that the American economy was actually shrinking in the last quarter of 2012, I have to wonder about all of the rosy rhetoric we heard from the left after the election and leading up to the recent inauguration. Because facts have turned out to refute that rhetoric, surely we are about to hear a lot of retractions and apologies from politicians on the left. After all, they told us (and were clearly, provably, wrong) everything was looking good and we were actually enjoying an economic recovery. As much as I would enjoy watching some progressives eat crow, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it. Anyway, the economy turning out to not be as good as we were told won't be important to the administration. After all, if they really cared about jobs, individual freedoms, and the overall economy, instead of big nanny-state government, they wouldn't be on the left would they? No, what's going to be important to the progressives is exactly who to blame for the (further) sagging of the economy. George W. Bush has been gone long enough that I think even the White House press corps (for those who don't know, such as Barack Obama, corps is pronounce core, not corpse) has noticed that George W. doesn't seem to be around anymore. I'm not saying The Barack won't blame George W. Bush, but even on the left that excuse is getting a little stale.Why am I wasting time pointing out that the current administration is going to blame some scapegoat (new or old seems to make little difference)? Isn't this just more of the same behavior the left has been indulging in ever since there were progressives? If it's such old hat, why in the world do I and other people keep bringing it up and beating the same old drum to point it out over and over again?The reason people keep bringing up the propensity of the left to further bad policies and blame it on someone, anyone, else is because it's working for them. Apparently, even in this day and age, there are still people, even a majority of people, out there who simply believe what they are told. While I personally am taken aback when people tell me that The Obama is doing a good job trying to reverse all the damage George Bush did, clearly there are many citizens who have a different view of that than I do.By the way, I do think that George W. Bush did some things that turned out to be a problem (and haven't we all done things we regret). I would love to sit down with him (Bush) someday and ask him what he was thinking when he came up with the Homeland Security Department and the TSA. While I realize there were legitimate security concerns that needed to be addressed, solving those problems by creating a new cabinet level department was akin to killing a fly on your nose with a sledge hammer. If there is time left, or more probably if I'm not thrown out for stating my dislike of Homeland Security, we could move on to a discussion of No Child Left Behind and what it has done to our education system. Yes, George Bush made some mistakes, but one thing he didn't do was destroy the American economy and capitalist system. That work is being done by the current occupant of the White House.Getting back to the subject at hand, right now it appears the left has managed to convince the majority of Americans it's in their own best self interest to continue the progressives in power. It also seems this same majority is in favor of continuing the huge growth in government, government programs, and (over) spending we have endured for far too long. In my opinion, this "brain washing" of so many people is probably the single largest factor in how far the progressives have been able to advance their policies. Seriously, when The Barack can compare himself (favorably) with Lincoln and Reagan, without be laughed off the planet, something is wrong.To give a real life example, I recently had a discussion with an acquaintance who asked me to point out something specific The Barack had done that was harming America. The lead in to that question was that I stated clearly, but politely, that I thought Barack Obama is bad for America. At first this person told me "no seriously." After I said I was indeed serious was when I was asked to back up my statement with an example. Because the person I was talking to is a working person, who earns a living, I pointed out the sixteen trillion dollars in debt with nothing but more increases in sight. The response back, and the person I'm talking about here is fairly well educated, bright, and responsible, was along the lines of "the debt doesn't matter, as long as people respect the dollar we will be okay." I would say I was a little stunned by an answer like that, but in reality, the majority of Americans seem to believe something similar.So why do so many people keep ranting about the disinformation from the left? Because right now the progressives are trying to convince people the Second Amendment isn't about freedom, the size of the national debt doesn't matter, the rich are bad people who aren't paying their fair share, taxes don't hurt the economy, and unrestrained entitlement programs can go on forever. This is exactly the kind of propaganda that should never go unchallenged.What you have to ask yourself is "if the rosy picture the media paints about the current administration were true, wouldn't we be doing much better, and be much less divided right now?" Since the economy is (provably) not doing well, and the American public is as politically, morally, and socially divided as I have ever seen it, what, pray tell, are we not hearing from the main stream media and the left?Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at