Election results for MDD vote

Staff Writer

Sweetwater has released results of the Municipal Development District (MDD) election. They are as follows: votes for MDD: 420 or 73 per cent of the voting public, The votes against MDD came in at 155 or 27 per cent out of a total of 575 votes.
Moving forward, a MDD Board of Directors will be created with an election for candidates on May 5. One may ask why change the focus of economic development now and not keep SEED. SEED has an excellent track record on developing and implementing Type A projects. The answer is that while the creation of industrial and manufacturing jobs should remain a priority with a new MDD, job creation is only one aspect of community economic development. There is a growing trend for people to work in Sweetwater but live elsewhere. This suggests that not only is Sweetwater not reaping the full benefit of its economic development dollars but also that the community may have unaddressed issues that prompt people to work in Sweetwater but live elsewhere. The most frequently suggested reason is good, affordable, single family housing. Hence, the housing study that was undertaken a few months ago...To read more, please refer to our print or online edition.