Ex-Wife of Sweetwater Attorney Recants Forgery Tale

San Angelo Live!

bail bondsman. Chris Hartman was an attorney from Sweetwater hired by Young to probate Sullivan’s will when he was suddenly found dead. According to the forged, handwritten will, Sullivan left his $8 million estate solely to his criminal defense attorney, John Young.
Today, Young is serving his 11-year sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Ray Zapata, sentenced to 180 days in jail, is currently out on bond awaiting his appeal.
After Young was found guilty, his attorneys filed a motion for a hearing for a new trial based mostly on a signed affidavit from Katie Hartman, Chris Hartman’s ex-wife. That affidavit, which Katie Hartman now disputes, said she watched her ex-husband forge Sullivan’s will in the back of a book that looked like a Bible that was the center of the trials of Zapata and Young.
Young’s motion for a new trial was denied by Judge Brock Jones.
Yesterday, Katie Hartman wanted to recant her testimony about witnessing her ex-husband forging the will, as she originally alleged in her signed affidavit that is now part of the court’s evidence, as it was originally heard during Young’s motion for a new trial.
These are the words of Katie Hartman in her new statement taken by Texas Ranger Nick Hanna:
“I am signing the following statement of my own volition and initiative. I contacted Ranger Hanna in regards to this matter and it is not the result of additional investigation started by him. I have traveled to the Texas Ranger office in San Angelo and met with Ranger Hanna and asked him to take this statement for me as I feel I have been taken advantage of and a statement presented to he by me in the matter of John Young was not actually my statement.
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