Facilities committee planned for SISD

Updates on district-wide maintenance and facilities were given as part of the report presented by Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Terry Pittman on Thursday evening at the SISD Board of Trustees' meeting.The board has been considering several individuals to make up a facilities committee, as the district is well aware of the ongoing construction and expansion projects taking place in the community. The district would like to start studying their own facilities, but understand that timing is a concern as they look ahead at a potential project. Thus, it was agreed to place the item back on the agenda at the May meeting to begin their studies as they consider a possible election date in the future.In the meantime, a unisex, ADA-compliant restroom will be constructed in the Sweetwater High School auditorium starting in April. The current stalls may be updated in the project as well.Furthermore, tax collections were reported at $7,177,437.92, or 94.39% for M&O (Maintenance and Operations) and $852,257.86, or 94.50% for I&S (Interest and Sinking). The totals improved from the numbers presented this time last year, both of which are on target to reach the 96% goal.Also, the total enrollment for the district stood at 2,184 students as of March 17, which is an increase of 98 students from the first day of classes. Enrollment numbers are currently being used to plan for next year's student population..